Kickstarting Creativity

Every Creative (musician, photographer, videographer, etc.) at one time or another comes face-to-face with the “Creative Block.” It’s that gray slab of nothing in our brain that refuses to budge when we try to push it out of the way. All we know is that behind it lies the idea, the concept, we’ve been desperately seeking after. Here are three simple ways to help give momentum and propel you towards achieving your goal and furthering creativity!

  1. Write it down

This step is pretty straight-forward but incredibly useful. Wordlists work wonders. Start with your subject, whether that is the sermon series for that month or a special event, click a new tab on your laptop, type, and get to work. They don’t have to have any relation, but a simple adjective can open up a floodgate of ideas you didn’t even know existed.

      2. Research trending topics

Design is always re-inventing itself, and our job is to stay educated and relevant. Head over to Google and type: “design trends in 2017.” Ephemeral content has been on the climb thanks to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Maybe you’ve gotten into the rut of copying your artwork. Stop looking in the same places for your creative inspiration. Expand your horizon and change your perspective.

      3. Keep it short and sleep on it

Brainstorming doesn’t have to eat up half of your day. Keep it 20-30 minutes maximum. Allow yourself to walk away from your word list, sketches, folder of inspiration. Go for a run, get some fresh air. Doing this will allow you to come back and look at it with a new perspective. When you shift your perspective, you’ll see things you don’t like, and maybe things you should include.

When it comes to the design hierarchy, brainstorming is always at the top, and it is almost always dreaded the most. If we make the beginning of the process thorough and the most focused, we will ensure that the creative process which follows will be smoother.  Here’s to brainstorming!